Why Do I Need SEO Consultation and Service?

Why Do I Need SEO Consultation and Service?

Are you a business owner and designing your new website or have an existing website that need Search Engine optimization? Then you are at the right place, need SEO consultation or Do it yourself.

7 Search Engine Optimization / SEO Checklist points are:-

  • To Choose a Relatable Domain Name

Your business identity is your website domain name and it should be short, memorable and relatable to your business/brand.

  • To Research The Right Keywords

Discovering the right keywords is very important in Search Engine Optimization, to describe your web pages, and answer your prospect’s possible questions about your product or service.

  • To Craft your content

In Search Engine Optimization, content is always King. Creating fresh content is tactful, content should be purposeful, long enough to provide users with all the information they’re looking for. Optimized for your best keywords used varied forms of keywords throughout the content and marked titles or subtitles with headings.

  • To Optimize your Code

In the On-site (also known as on-page SEO) optimization process, we can optimize website code – primary keyword inclusion into your page URL, canonical tag to escape the duplicate content, unique meta titles and descriptions for each web page, image ALT tags optimization, internal pages linking in a SEO-friendly manner.

  • To Technical Setup

SEO tools helps to monitor and optimize your website performance which needs technical expertise to setup like Google Analytics account signup, GA code integration on every page of your website, SEO plugins (if Using WordPress?), signed up for Google Search Console / Bing Webmaster Tools, sitemap creation, robots.txt optimization and many other useful tools and techniques.

  • Earn Links

Backlinks are also important for your website. Are you creating useful content that others
want to share and link to? Social Account setup and Social Media Optimization.

  • Post-launch Checklist

Post-launch checklist to ensure you that it is easy to navigate through your site, to purchase a product or to send a message through your contact form, quick in load website speed, it displays perfectly on major browsers as well as devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones


All these are the required SEO elements which you need to implement in your website for organic search ranking, drive traffic and potential users.

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